07.12.20 / 10PM

Four Essential Freedoms

Free Software Founder

Richard Stallman, the founder of the free software movement talks about the difference between open source and free software, the dangers of tivoization, and which user-interactive program is most important to him personally.

07.12.20 / 2AM

Manage Mobile Phone Under Linux

Wammu Phone

Here are some Linux tools that can help you manage your cell phone. Goodbye Windows? Naahh we still need Nokia suite right? *dooh* :-)

07.12.19 / 10PM

Dell Announces Ubuntu 7.10 PCs With DVD Playback

Dell Desktop With Ubuntu 7.10

Dell is releasing Ubuntu 7.10 on a laptop and desktop today and with it, Dell will include DVD playback capability. What a Christmas gift from Dell eh? :-P

07.12.19 / 9AM

Personas for Firefox

Personas for Firefox

Personas for Firefox is a extension that adds lightweight theming to your browser. First impressions: Great!

07.12.19 / 2AM

BBC Launches iPLayer for Mac and Linux

BBC iPlayer

A streaming version of the BBC’s iPlayer online TV on-demand service has been launched for Windows, Mac and Linux.