07.12.22 / 7AM

Full Circle Magazine #8

Full Circle Linux Magazine #8

Sekilas info untuk Full Circle Magazine edisi #8:

  • Mythbuntu – Step-by-step Install
  • How-To : Install Wubi, Get a Christmas Desktop, Multi Boot Linux and Learning Scribus Pt.8.
  • Review of TomBoy.
  • New Column for Ubuntu Women
  • Letters, Q&A, My Desktop, Top 5 and more!

Download Full Circle Magazine:

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07.12.21 / 10PM

Ubuntu Desktop Course

Christmas Gift: Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Course

The 400 page book provides a thorough overview of the Ubuntu Desktop and is a great resource for Linux and Ubuntu newcomers. So what are you waiting for? Just grab it hurry!

07.12.21 / 7AM

Don’t Buy DRM Ebooks

DRM lock ebooks - don’t buy!

Amazon Kindle (Swindle), Sony Reader (Sh-reader), and others are all competing to control how, what, and when we can read with their competing DRM technologies. Let’s let them know that we won’t buy their ebook readers until they get rid of the DRM! Screw DRM! Agree?

07.12.21 / 4AM

Amarok 1.4.8 Released!

Amarok Linux Music Player

The Amarok team has just released Amarok 1.4.8 "Fast Forward". Among the highlights are better support for iPhone/iPod Touch and faster database queries. Should I change my Rhythmbox kiddo?

07.12.21 / 12AM

Ubuntu Snapshot Backups With TimeVault

TimeVault Backups for Linux

TimeVault is a simple front-end for making snapshots of a set of directories on Linux. Snapshots are a copy of a directory structure or file at a certain point in time. Restore functionality is integrated into Nautilus. On your mark! Get set! Backup!