07.12.19 / 9AM

Personas for Firefox

Personas for Firefox is a extension that adds lightweight theming to your browser. First impressions: Great!

07.10.18 / 7AM

Jenggo Themes – Edisi Koboi Kota

Mau ikutan nih bos meramaikan dunia pertemaan di Ubuntu, siap beredar “Jenggo Themes edisi Koboi Kota“, sebuah tema ala kadar untuk GNOME (hasil campur2 Human theme + Gilouche theme + Tango icon). Cocok bagi Anda yang berjiwa sederhana atau bisa juga sebagai teman minum kopi Anda *halah* hehehhee :P
Skrinsyut tampilan desktop Jenggo themes!
Download Jenggo:
http://today.skyisgrey.org/deb/jenggo/jenggo-theme_0.4-0blankon1_all.deb (.deb [...]

06.09.04 / 5AM

abns Wp Theme – On Your Comment Please!

abns is just another Wordpress theme. Which is based on the Hemingway theme and the theme has since been tweaked and generalised by me to fitted with my own site’s layout. So basically the typo, colors, and layout that was used on abns theme nothing less is just my own personal flavour. And nothing [...]

06.08.25 / 6AM

What Difference Does It Make?

Just finished creating a new look for my site. Nice isn’t it? This new theme is much more simpler than the last one, simplicity was the first thing (requirement) that came in my thought when I decided to start making this theme. I don’t need the fancy artwork on my site, simply just because I [...]