07.02.19 / 4PM

Gnome Dock

Ladies and gentlements it is time to bring more joys into your Ubuntu system!

Gnome dock screenshot — taken from gnome-dock.org

mimics the apple universal dock in animation
smooth graphics including composite transparency, SVG icons, glitz/cairo
animations are all but flawless (minor tweeks and ticks are still around)
auto-hide, only works on the bottom of the screen
bouncing icons
animated background (although [...]

07.01.27 / 4PM

Quick Links – 070127

Some PDF documents to share:

Economic Impact of FLOSS on Innovation and Competitiveness of EU ICT Sectors
FLOSS is already in the right track, so let we speed it up then. Shall we?

A Guide to OSS for Australian Goverment Agencies
It would be nice if we also have like that one for [...]

07.01.07 / 12AM

Quick Links – 070107

Kumpulan beberapa link seputar Ubuntu yang saya baca minggu ini:

Ubuntu Tutorials – Beragam dokumentasi dan tutorial singkat mengenai Ubuntu.
Mark Shuttleworth on out-innovating Apple and Microsoft – Kata om Mark si Ubuntu dah punya 8 juta users (lebih kurang).
Windows and Ubuntu on One PC – Informasi dan strategi bagaimana untuk menginstal Ubuntu berdampingan dengan Windows.
Behind Ubuntu [...]