07.12.22 / 7AM

Full Circle Magazine #8

Sekilas info untuk Full Circle Magazine edisi #8:

Mythbuntu – Step-by-step Install
How-To : Install Wubi, Get a Christmas Desktop, Multi Boot Linux and Learning Scribus Pt.8.
Review of TomBoy.
New Column for Ubuntu Women
Letters, Q&A, My Desktop, Top 5 and more!

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07.06.24 / 7AM

Compiz Fusion In Feisty!

Compiz Fusion = Beryl + Compiz

Compiz Fusion is an extension of the Compiz compositing window manager for the X Window System. It was created from the remerging of Beryl into Compiz. It aims to port almost all of the features of Beryl to Compiz plugins, and continue to improve Compiz’s core functionality.

Compiz Fusion Cube Reflection

Get [...]

07.04.09 / 9AM

Goodbye Wordpress Welcome Drupal

Akhirnya selesai juga beres-beres situs skyisgrey.org. Ingin ganti suasana baru maka selama seminggu ini gw sedikit meluangkan waktu untuk upgrade situs tsb. Sebenarnya sih untuk skyisgrey.org proses upgrade nya dah selesai beberapa hari yang lalu tapi kegiatan upgrade situs ini malah ikut melebar juga ke situs-situs yang gw angoni. :D Dan biar tidak lupa jika [...]

07.03.14 / 6AM

Ubuntu Sugar Cookies

Ubuntu Sugar Cookies
You can see tutorial on this site if you want to make this cookies. And don’t forget to send one please if you succeed! :D

07.02.19 / 4PM

Gnome Dock

Ladies and gentlements it is time to bring more joys into your Ubuntu system!

Gnome dock screenshot — taken from gnome-dock.org

mimics the apple universal dock in animation
smooth graphics including composite transparency, SVG icons, glitz/cairo
animations are all but flawless (minor tweeks and ticks are still around)
auto-hide, only works on the bottom of the screen
bouncing icons
animated background (although [...]