SWiK.net Source Code Download

About SWiK.net

SWiK.net is a project to help people collaboratively document open-source software.

SWiK-Source is the source code of the swik.net core engine. It is licensed for distribution under the GNU General Public License v2.

SWiK-Source is meant for people who are curious about the code that powers SWiK, for people who want to try making their own SWiK for their internal use or for some new web site, as well as for use with SourceLabs’ internal and partnering projects.

SourceLabs has released SWiK-Source as a source code release rather than a packaged release: it’s a complicated system built with a lot of assumptions for custom production servers rather than arbitrary or generic systems.

You can visit SWiK-Source if you want to download SWiK.net source code.

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