Hello World!

Greeting! It is a common way to say a salutation at the start. So here it is: Hello world! how’s everything? shall we dance today? on your command please! … Anyway, if you ever read a book about programming, you will notice this Hello world! became so frequently used phrase in the book. It is used in many example programs to give an introduction to programming. So from where this phrase became such a tradition? As I read from wikipedia, the tradition of using the phrase Hello world! influenced by an example program in the in the book The C Programming Language, by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. This is one of the most read computer science book and from it the first Hello world! phrase appeared. And from there it spread all around the globe and invaded every programmer’s mind. So on this occasion, I would like to borrow that phrase in the introduction of this site. To say hi to the universe from this site which finally I can put it online! But before I go, please let me greet you once again, Hello cruel world!!!

  1. Welcome to skyisgrey.org!

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