GNOME 2.18 – Simply Beautiful

GNOME 2.18
GNOME 2.18

GNOME 2.18 is out, on time as usual. :) But hey where is the release splash image? It’s still missing from GNOME front page. Am I too early? Well I will update the image when it become available. :P But for now let’s enjoy this release kiddo!

Update 070315:

Update GNOME 2.18 splash image.

  1. Feisty udah make ini belom om..??

  2. Klo Ubuntu 7.04 makenya yg GNOME 2.8.1 nanti, biar sedikit lebih stabil :P

  3. waduh… bikin pengen… ntar saya cobain deh.. btw salam kenal mas…

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