Feisty Repository DVDs Now Available

By the way this is not an "official" Ubuntu 7.04 DVDs, these DVD images are created to help Ubuntu users in Indonesia if they want to install additional applications without have to connect to online Ubuntu repositories (because here in Indonesia Internet access is still very expensive and slow). So if you want these DVDs, you can order it from one of people on this list. The price for whole set itself (4 DVDs) is very cheap, between IDR 40,000 – 60,000 (USD 4 – 6). And of course you can also download it from Indonesian mirror site Tuma.vLSM.org TUMA.ui.edu via FTP FTP or using Jigdo Jigdo if you want to help to distribute and share the DVD images with your friends.

Thanks to Iang and peoples behind Tuma.vLSM.org for making these DVDs available.

  1. yang belom ada panduan feisty-nya om :D di ubuntu-id
    maklum kita kan newbie lapuk ‘ga pinter2

  2. What is on the DVDs? main, restricted, universe, multiverse? Which architectures i386, AMD64, sparc?

  3. right now we just created for i386 only, maybe later we can also provide for another architectures.
    - disc 1 = main + restricted
    - disc 2 = universe part 1
    - disc 3 = universe part 2
    - disc 4 = universe part 3 + multiverse

  4. I take it you use apt-mirror or similar to make this repository. I had considered doing the same with a USB hard disk, but the cost and shipping is considerably higher than for dvd media of course.

  5. I think for us here in Indonesia we’ll stick with DVD to distribute the repository :)

    To create DVD Images we use debmirror to make local repository first and then use debpartial to split the repository so it can fit into DVD/CD and using mkisofs to create ISO image.

  6. @init(0)

    he eh blum di update bos, nunggu tutorial yang dari ubuntuguide.org nya beres dulu
    skr2 kan yang disanah masih dalam progress juga, paling2 tuk yg bahasa Indonesianya akan mulai tersedia antara sekitar 2-4 minggu dari sekarang, tunggu saja … mau ikutan bantu2? dipersilakan :)

  7. Assalamualaikum,
    will you please explain to me how can I burn this iso image into dvd or cd. detail explanation please. thanks. btw I am a newbie.

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