Edgy Translations Sprint

Recent news: Edgy translations now open in Rosetta

It is been quite a while since I made the last translations in Rosetta. Neither I was busy or losing interest in making the translation, but simply because my heart got attracted by something else. And now it is almost one month before the next Ubuntu release out from the toast, so this mean it will be much work to do with the translations. I thing it will the perfect time to come back and do some translations again.

For the start I will try to finish all the translations on Ubuntu documentations (Ubuntu Desktop Guide, Kubuntu Desktop Guide, Xubuntu Desktop Guide, Ubuntu Packaging Guide and Ubuntu Server Guide). The only guide that was finished when the last time I made translations was Ubuntu Desktop Guide, the rest were only half done. So just in case you’re near by the Launchpad and would like to get your hand dirty with the translations, feel free to join with me on this sprint. ;)

On your mark.. Get set.. Go!

The sprint’s soundtrack: Belle & Sebastian – The Blues Are Still Blue

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before