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abns Theme

abns is just another Wordpress theme. Which is based on the Hemingway theme and the theme has since been tweaked and generalised by me to fitted with my own site’s layout. So basically the typo, colors, and layout that was used on abns theme nothing less is just my own personal flavour. And nothing special about this theme, its just simple and I love it very much. You are welcome to try this theme and I am looking forward for the feedback. Enjoy kiddo!


Download abns Wordpress Theme v0.1

size: 66.4k | md5sum: 58aaa9aa60c016af1a80be4a1eb89f77

Compatibility: I have tested it successfully on Wordpress blogs of version 2.x.

  • Very simple! isn’t it? ;)
  • Drag and drog to add or remove the sidebar block.
  • Personalize your own site’s color and load it as you go.
  • Sidebar widgets plugin support. If you activated this plugin then your default sidebar will be changed using this sidebar widget.
abns Theme abns Theme abns Theme abns Theme
  • Download the plugin (Click the link above).
  • Extract the .tar.gz archive and put the files into your themes directory (/wp-content/themes/).
  • Enable the theme in the WordPress Presentation admin page.
  • Go to abns Options to add or remove the block you are prefered.
  • Your done and have a nice day.
  • Fix stylesheet support for printing.
  • Need more testing. Especially on Internet Explorer.
  • Should we change the site’s color automaticaly every day?.
01 Sep 2006
abns-theme-0.1 – Initial release and it would be the last perhaps :P
  1. Hi.
    Good design, who make it?

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