What Difference Does It Make?

Just finished creating a new look for my site. Nice isn’t it? This new theme is much more simpler than the last one, simplicity was the first thing (requirement) that came in my thought when I decided to start making this theme. I don’t need the fancy artwork on my site, simply just because I don’t know how to create it!

So several days ago I started googling many sites looking for (and borrow maybe) some ideas. Then I found this site, well well this is what I’m searching for, the site’s layout is very simple but indeed have nice contents inside it and also very creative! From that site I borrowed their typo, so thank you and cheers to the drunk men who’s work there. :)

My next stop was to find the theme engine, the previous one was based on Wordpress default theme engine, I need to looked another to get some ideas. And got this Hemingway Theme, again because it’s simple and it has unusual page layout not like other themes I have tried. Also one more thing it has cool feature, we can easily change or add block to the page on the fly using AJAX driven menu inside admin section (did I miss this buzz?), all you have to do is just to drag and drop the block. Nice because before this I have to edited the code every time I want to add or remove the block!

OK! Enough the story kiddo, it’s time to show my new site layout, alright? So what difference does it make? It makes none! hehehehe :P

Here’s the previous theme that I used on my site:

old skyisgrey.org theme

Old theme: Mute Witness

And here is the new look after using the magic wand:

new skyisgrey.org theme

New theme: What Difference Does It Make?

One thing before I’m out, yesterday when I’m searching rss plugin for Wordpress (I will use it to syndicate some other sites into mine), I found that there is already a widget plugin for Wordpress (agghh miss the buzz again), with this we can place any widgets into the page. Yes it is similar with the things on Hemingway theme, but more easier if you want to customize the look of your site and also if you don’t to use the widget again you just deactivate the plugin and your site will display the default layout. I have tried and implemented it for my new theme, so in this theme we can choose and switch the layout using the one you like! Cool isn’t it?

Want to try this theme kiddo? Yes you can, I love to share this joy! I will put it on this site in the next couple of days. Need to finish some things first before I upload it. Just wait! ;)

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