3.. 2.. 1.. GNU GPLv3 Launch

From FSF website:

On Friday, June 29, at 12 noon (EDT), the Free Software Foundation will officially release the GNU GPL version 3. Please, join us in celebration as we bring to a close eighteen months of public outreach and comment in revision of the world’s most popular free software license. Beyond the creation of an improved license, the process of drafting version 3 has helped highlight vital issues for the community of free software users. This is a moment to thank both the thousands who participated by commenting on the license and those who represented stakeholders through the GPLv3 committee process. Now, with the release of GPLv3, we will see new defenses extended to free software. These defenses will continue the long history of fighting all efforts to make free software proprietary. Please, join us as we stream live footage of Richard Stallman announcing GPLv3 from Noon (EDT) at www.fsf.org. If you are in the Boston area you can also join us at the FSF offices from 11:30am. Please let us know at <info@fsf.org> if you would like to attend. — Peter T. Brown Executive Director Free Software Foundation 51 Franklin St. 5th Floor Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA

Congratulations to all Free Software users from all around the world. Your journey to Freedom begins here!

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before